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Do You Really Get The Cheapest Quote of The Injection Molds[ 10-25 14:17 ]
As an engineering and manufacturing company in the China specializing in plastic injection tooling and molding we have been battling what we call 'purchaser apathy' ever since low labor cost countries entered the market in the 80/90's. It has been too easy for the manager with the sign-off to pick the 'cheapest' quote without ......
Why Make Plastic Injection Molds in China?[ 09-27 14:21 ]
You may hear from someone that plastic injection moulds from China are in low quality, but still there are many companies are buying injection moulds from China, some of them with big volume demands even set their own sourcing office in China. Are those companies silly? No. The answer is China injection mold makers can manufacture high ......
What is Plastic Injection Mold?[ 09-26 14:19 ]
Plastic injection mold (Ahead Mold) is a tool for manufacturing plastic parts, also makes the plastic parts have full structures and precise dimensions.
Can We Make Injection Molding Process More Controllable by Electronics?[ 08-17 14:30 ]
It is bit unfortunate that the injection molding machines have made so many advances whilst the mold- where all the action happens remains in 17th century- apart from using CNC technology that makes it more accurate reproduction of CAD file. Cooling is ......
How to Mold Plastic[ 08-12 15:21 ]
Molding plastic can be a fun, inexpensive way to spend time together as a family. With a little time and ingenuity, you can make the parts to build a doll house and make all of its furnishings or build an entire city for a model train set up. Plastic molding c...
How to Mold Clear Plastic[ 08-12 15:16 ]
Plastic is a convenient material with which to make small objects for art, craft and household uses. It can be molded with silicone and many other materials, which makes it quite a flexible medium. The only difference between clear plastic and any other sort i...
At Present Chinese Mould Development?[ 08-12 14:55 ]
In 2010, the mould & die output of China saw slight increase to 9.82 million sets comparing to the 9.7 million ones in 2009, with the export value totaling USD2.196 billion, up 19.15% over the preceding year, realizing trade surplus for the first time.&nbs...
How to Polish Injection Molds?[ 08-10 15:58 ]
Injection molding is a production process in which plastics are heated until liquid and sprayed into a mold where they cool and are given the final shape of the manufactured product. As the project cools, it shrinks away from the mold walls, allowing it to be ...
What Is Metal Injection Molding?[ 08-10 15:57 ]
Many plastic products are pressed by an injection molding machine. Many common plastic items are created using an injection molding machine, and manufacturers point to the machine's efficiency and speed in pressing out plastic products. Much of the injection ...
How to Run a Plastic Injection Molding Machine?[ 08-10 15:31 ]
The mechanical counter. A close up on a blue background. Injection molding is one of the most common manufacturing processes in the world of industry. The process, which is done by injecting a material (typically plastic) into a mold, is used in everything fr...
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