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How to Avoid Deformation in the Double Color Mould Processing?

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How to Avoid Deformation in the Double Color Mould Processing? --- Aheadmold

During the double color mould processing, the case of deformation often happenes. Although the solution to solve this problem
is very simple, the specific how to operate? We want to introduce the following several points.
1. The thickness of the products should be blance as far as possible
2. Exhaust should be good
3. Adjust the wall thickness of products to offset the deformation , or increase the stiffener to enhance the ability to resist buckling parts.
4. The strength of mold material that double mold factory is not enough.
5. The design of the cooling system should make the temperature in all parts of the double color mould uniformity, gating system making the material flow symmetry to avoid warping caused by shrinkage of different flow direction, and appropriatly bold the shunt way and mainstream way which are difficult to forming part to try to eliminate the density difference ,pressure difference and temperature difference between the inside the cavity.
6. The transition zone of parts thickness and corner should be smooth enough and should have good demoulding, such as increasing demoulding redundancy, improving the mold surface polishing, ejection system to maintain balance.

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