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The Die Casting Cycle

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The Die Casting Cycle --- Aheadmold

In the casting cycle, first the die is closed and locked. The molten metal, which is main-tained by a furnace at a specified temperature, then enters the injection cylinder. Depending on the type of alloy, either a hot-chamber or cold-chamber metal-pumping system is used. These will be described later. During the injection stage of the die casting process, pressure is applied to the molten metal, which is then driven quickly through the feed system of the die while air escapes from the die through vents. The volume of metal must be large enough to overflow the die cavities and fill overflow wells. These overflow wells are designed to receive the lead portion of the molten metal, which tends to oxidize from contact with air in the cavity and also cools too rapidly from initial die contact to produce sound castings. Once the cavities are filled, pressure on the metal is increased and held for a specified dwell time during which solidification takes place. The dies are then separated, and the part extracted, often by means of automatic machine operation. The open dies are then cleaned and lubricated as needed, and the casting cycle is repeated.
Following extraction from the die, parts are often quenched and then trimmed to remove the runners, which were necessary for metal flow during mold filling. Trimming is also necessary to remove the overflow wells and any parting-line flash that is produced. Subsequently, secondary machining and surface finishing operations may be performed.

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