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Mould fitting

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Mould fitting --- Aheadmold

Mould fitting
Mould fitting is very important to moulds.If the mould fitting works well,there won`t be any flash or burrs in products in the process of production of injection molding.

For smaller mould,we generally make mould fitting in assembly team.And for larger mould,we are generally make it in fitting machine.

Our company has got a mould fitting machine in August 2014,120 tons of Shun Xing brand .The trip is:1.4 m * 1.1 m.

Almost all of the mould,we would make red print in the injection machine after mould trail,to check the mould fitting. In addition,we also make red print in injection machine if there are flash or burrs during the production process.We do that to check the mould fitting. If the mould fitting is not very good,we will make great efforts to improve it. So that eliminate the flash or burrs.

In addition to red print,we will also make blue print for moulds of special requirements according to some customers. Blue print provide more clearly and more accurate results in mould fitting.

For some customers,need to approve the mould fitting report firstly,then we could arrange the delivery.

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