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Fillers --- Aheadmold

Plastics often contain other added materials called fillers. Fillers are employed to increase bulk and to help impart desired properties. Plastics containing fillers will cure faster and hold closer to established finished dimensions, since the plastic shrinkage will be reduced. Wood flour is the general-purpose and most commonly used filler. Cotton frock, produced from cotton linters, increases mechanical strength. For higher strength and resistance to impact, cotton cloth chopped into sections about 1/2-inch square can be processed with the plastic. Asbestos fiber may be used as a filler for increased heat and fire resistance, and mica is used for molding plastic parts with superior dielectric characteristics. Glass fibers, silicon, cellulose, clay, or nutshell flour may also be used. Nutshell flour is used instead of wood flour where a better finish is desired. Plastic parts using short fiber fillers will result in lower costs, while those with long fiber fillers having greater impact strengths are more expensive. Other materials, not defined as fillers, such as dyes, pigments, lubricants, accelerators, and plasticizers may also be added. Plasticizers are added to soften and improve the moldability of plastics. Filler and modifying agents are added and mixed with the raw plastic before it is molded or formed.

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