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CAM --- Aheadmold

Computer-aided manufacture (CAM) centers around four main areas: NC, process planning, robotics, and factory management.
1.    Numerical Control
The importance of NC in the CAM area is that the computer can generate a NC program directly from a geometric model or part. At present, automatic capabilities are generally limited to highly symmetric geometries and other specialized parts. However, in the near future some companies will not use drawings at all, but will be passing part information directly from design to manufacturing via a data base. As the drawings disappear, so will many of the problems, since computer models developed from a common integrated database will be used by both design and manufacturing. This can be done even though the departments may be widely separated geographically, because in essence they will be no farther apart than the terminals on their respective desks.
2.    Process Planning
Process planning involves the detailed planning of the production sequence from start to finish. What is relevant to CAM is a process planning system that is able to produce process plans directly from the geometric model database with almost no human assistance.
3.    Robots
Many advances are being made to integrate robots into the manufacturing system, as in on-line assembly, welding, and painting.
4.    Factory Management
Factory management uses interactive factory data collection to get timely information from the factory floor. At the same time, it uses this data to calculate production priorities and dynamically determine what work needs to be done next to ensure that the master production schedule is being properly executed. The system can also be directly modified to satisfy a specific need without calling in computer programming experts.

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