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Blanking and Punching Dies

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Blanking and Punching Dies --- Aheadmold

1.    Typical Structure of Blanking Die

(1)    Simple Die
The die that only one process is carried out in one press stroke is called simple die. Its structure is simple (see Fig.1-7), so it can be easily manufactured. It is applicable to small batch production.
Fig.1-7   Simple die
1-stop pin   2-guide bushing   3-guide pin   4-bolt   5-dieshank   6-pin   7-fixed plate 8-upper bolster   9-punch   10-stripper   11-stock guide   12-die   13-lower bolster

(2)    Progressive Die
The die that several blanking processes are carried out at different positions of the die in one press stroke is called progressive die, as shown in Fig.1-8. In the operation, the locating pin 2 aims at the locating holes punched previously, and the punch moves downwards to punch by punch 4 and to blank by punch 1, thus the workpiece 8 is produced. When the punch returns, the stripper 6 scrapes the blank 7 from the punch 4, the blank 7 moves forward one step and then the second blanking begins. Above steps are repeated continually. The step distance of the blank is controlled by a stop pin.
Fig. 1-8   Progressive die for blanking and punching
1-blanking punch   2-locating pin   3-blanking die   4-punching punch 5-punching die   6-stripper   7-blank   8-workpiece   9-waster

(3)    Compound Die
The die that several processes are carried out at the same die position in one press stroke is called compound die, as shown in Fig.1-9. The main characteristic of the compound die is that the part 1 is both the punch and the die. The outside circle of the punch-die 1 is the cutting edge of the blanking punch, while the inside hole is a deep drawing die. When the slide moves downwards along with the punch-die 1, the blanking process is done first by the punch-die 1 and the blanking die 4, the blanked workpiece is pushed by deep drawing punch 2, and then the deep drawing die moves downwards to carry out deep drawing operation. The ejector 5 and the stripper 3 push the deep drawn workpiece 9 out of the die when the slide returns. The compound die is suitable for mass production and high accuracy blanking.
Fig. 1-9   Compound die for blanking and deep drawing

1-punch die   2-deep drawing punch   3-press plate (stripper)   4-blanking die   5-ejector 6-strip blank   7-stop pin   8-blank   9-deep drawn workpiece   10-finished part   11-waste

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