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Automobile Lens Mold

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Automobile Lens Mold --- Aheadmold

1)raw material is GE143-111PC
2)mail core and cavity steel is M300,whether need to do hardness treatment according to the part quantity required.
3)sprue gate and individual side gate
4)DME equivalent standard parts, LKM moldbase and the steel is 1050
Structure characteristic, no slider and no lifter, big curve parting line surface and need to do interlock system
between core plate and cavity plate. We did many kinds of lens mold with different size. The biggest one we built is
500x80x170mm.Since it is transparent PC, the gate location and size is a key point to the success mold building.
Sprue and side gate combination is the best choice.
Also it is transparent part, high surface quality required, no ejector mark, no welding lines, no any flash around the edge.
So the ejection system design is very interesting for the lens mold making.

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