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Plastic Tooling Experience for ?Automotive mold[ 10-23 15:00 ]
Aheadmold is good at manufacturing all kinds of automotive molds. We manufacture?450-500 sets mold each year, nearly 300 sets of them are automotive molds.
Assembly Team[ 10-23 14:51 ]
Mold assembly is important for?mould manufacturing,we have a professional and strong assembly team.
plastic material of export molds[ 10-23 14:45 ]
About the plastic material for export mold trials in our company,?generally have the following sources:
new high precision wire cutting equipment[ 10-23 14:38 ]
Aheadmold new high precision wire cutting equipment
Mirror Polish Mould[ 10-23 14:34 ]
Aheadmold is good at manufacturing mirror polish mould. So far, we have made a lot of mirror polish moulds for companies such as SEB, Liebherr, Electrolux, TAJO, Schneider Electric, etc.
high temperature molds[ 10-23 11:39 ]
Aheadmold are good at?manufacturing?all kinds of special molds,include high temperature molds.
Letters Patents[ 10-23 11:39 ]
Aheadmold has a highly skilled technical team. We continuously specialized in mold manufacture skills. And we have got a lot of patents regarding plastic injection mold.
Mid-Autumn Festival Welfare of Aheadmold[ 09-30 11:16 ]
In China, the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the Mid Autumn Festival. We also call it Mooncake Festival. This year, before the festival, Aheadmold have planned a surprise for all ......
Aheadmold’s Supplier Management[ 08-31 17:26 ]
As a responsible plastic mold maker, Aheadmold has very high requirements to mold quality. We also have a strict requirement for various suppliers to carry out. In the management of suppliers, we are tightened inspection all the ......
Ahead Mold Company Mould Delivery[ 08-20 16:09 ]
In the Ahead Mold, before any mold ready for delivery, we will notice the quality department to carry out complete inspection, in accordance with customer mold standard or Ahead mold criteria. Only when the moulds are fully qualified, then we pack the moulds. Normally, we mostly use strong wooden box or steel box for mould ......
QC Dept- Measurement Room[ 07-26 19:30 ]
There are 4 people in Aheadmold measuring room, mainly use 2 sets CMM, 1 set Projector ,High Guage and so on. Germany Zeiss CMM: Our company bought the machine on August 2014, it measure the 3D dimensions of workpiece. Measurement stroke is 0.5m*0.5m, tolerance is 0.0024mm. To improve the measurement efficiency, at present ......
Advanced Mold Machining Equipment of Aheadmold --- CNC Machine[ 07-25 11:39 ]
Aheadmold has always lay great importance to advanced mold processing equipment. Our Management Board believes,sophisticated equipment is the premise of improving the machining accuracy and ensuring the mold quality. About CNC machines,we have 8 ......
Aheadmold Advanced Mould Manufacturing Equipment --- EDM Machines[ 07-22 11:34 ]
Ahead team consider precision mold manufacturing equipment is the precondition to improve machining accuracy and to ensure mold quality.So we pay more attention to the modern equipment used in each processing step. At present, we totally have 8 sets ......
Auto-Unscrewing Mould[ 07-14 11:22 ]
Aheadmold Team is good at manufacturing auto-unscrewing mould. And our company have got 3 patents for relative tooling technology. For the mould of auto-unscrewing, generally contains inner screw and outer screw. For outer screw,we uaually make slider. And Inner screw,normally there ......
Aheadmold Tooling Experience to Make Big Moulds[ 07-13 19:11 ]
Aheadmold team is good at manufacturing big moulds, which weight up to 9 tons, and mold size :1.2m*1m. So far,we have made several big moulds of automotive console system for German Wocogroup. Length over 1m and the weight range from 5 tons to 8 tons. Besides, we made so many big moulds for ......
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